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SHARE THIS PRODUCT HP Generic Laptop For Battery Hp 15 (0a04



  • Model: OA04
  • Weight (kg): 0.45

KSh 2,699.00 KSh 6,500.00

Product details

Compatible Part #: HP 740715-001, 746458-421, 746641-001, 751906-541, HSTNN-LB5S, HSTNN-LB5Y, HSTNN-PB5Y, OA03, OA04, OA04041, TPN-F112, J1U99AA, Compatibel Model: HP 240 G2 /HP CQ14 /HP CQ15 /HP Compaq Presario 15-h000 HP Compaq Presario 15-S000 15-D000 /HP 14-A101TX HP 14-D000 /HP 14-D100 /HP 14-G000 /HP 14-G100 HP 14-R000 /HP 14-R100 /HP 14-R200 /HP 14T-R000 HP 14T-R100 /HP 15-D000 /HP 15-D100 /HP 15-G000 HP 15-G100 /HP 15-G200 /HP 15-G500NC /HP 15-H000 HP 15-R000 /HP 15-R100 /HP 15-R200 /HP 15T-R000 HP 15T-R100 /HP 15Z-D000 / HP 15Z-G000 / HP 15Z-G100 HP COMPAQ 14-A000 /COMPAQ 14-S000 /COMPAQ 15-A000 COMPAQ 15-A100 /COMPAQ 15-H000 /COMPAQ 15-S000 COMPAQ 15-S100 /COMPAQ 15-S200 /COMPAQ 15-S201TX COMPAQ PRESARIO 15-S100



  • Compatible with models : HP 240 G2, 240 G3, 250 G2, 250 G3, HP 14-g, HP 14-r, HP 15-g, HP 15-r, Compaq 14-a, Compaq 15-a 41Whr 4 Cell HSTNN-IB5S 740004-141 OA04041 J1U99AA
  • 2200 mah capacity 4 Cell Battery
  • made of strong durable material.